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Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Inspections:


  • Provide our customer with Make, Model and Serial # of each piece of equipment inspected to    include the unit tag # (i.e. RTU #1).
  • Determine that proper voltage is being supplied to the unit by providing Rated and Actual Volt Readings.
  • Provide an Ambient Temperature reading for comparison to proper system pressures.
  • Perform and document Suction and Discharge Pressure readings to determine proper refrigeration charge and system operation (Cooling Inspection).
  • Provide an incoming (natural) Gas Pressure reading to verify sufficient supply for proper heating operation (Heating Inspection).
  • Provide dry-bulb Discharge and Return Air Temperature readings used to indicate proper compressor operation and unit temperature rise readings.
  • Visually inspect the evaporator and condenser coils for any damage or dirt build up that may adversely effect proper system operation. Pro Active Mechanical, Inc. will brush clean as necessary.
  • Check Blower, Induced Draft Motor and Condenser Motors for bearing noise, wear, proper amperage draw and excessive vibration due to faulty or dirty fan blades or blower wheels.
  • Check Filters and Humidifier Pads for proper sizing, spacing and if need of replacement.
  • Lubricate all non-sealed bearings.
  • Check and tighten as necessary all electrical connections in the disconnect switch and within the unit(s).
  • Perform diagnostic amperage readings on the compressor(s) to indicate proper compressor operation.
  • Inspect Indoor Blower assembly for proper Pulley alignment and wear, bearing noise or wear and blower wheel fatigue.
  • Perform an operational check of all Contactors, Relays, Safety and other Controls within the unit to verify proper operation.
  • Pull and clean all heating burners, visually inspect heat exchangers and clean burner compartments (Heating Inspection).
  • Inspect and clean flame sensor and provide micro amp signal reading.
  • Provide detailed and prompt inspection reports and written repair quotes.