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U.S. Commercial Energy Usage
  • How much of my total building energy use is contributed to HVAC?

On average, roughly 40% of your energy use is being generated from your HVAC

equipment as illustrated from the pie chart above.


  • What can we do to save on our HVAC energy costs with our existing systems?

There are many things that can be done.  The first and most important thing is to have your

equipment serviced on a regular basis.  Keeping your equipment clean and lubricated along

with regular changing of filters is the first fundamental step.  This can also increase worker

productivity by having cleaner air circulatiion as well.


Other aspects of HVAC energy efficiency is to have automatic thermostat controls throughout your

building for raising and lowering temperatures during non-working hours.  Based on the size of your 

building, a centralized energy management system can also save energy from not only your HVAC

systems, but other energy consumption illustrated in the chart above.

  • How much energy savings can be expected from these types of improvements?

Based on the age of your HVAC equipment and the environment around the equipment, you can

experience savings up to 25% with an industry average of 10% - 15% annually.  The industry average

savings more than offsets the costs of the preventive maintenance and improvements incurred.  Other  

benefits include better worker productivity, less to no down time, longer system life cycle and  

environmental responsibility.