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Rooftop Preventive Maintenance Inspections:    


  •       Inspect overall unit appearance.
  •       Inspect and tighten all electrical connections, contactors, relays, and Molex plugs.
  •     Check safety interlocks.
  •       Verify proper unit leveling.
  •     Verify transformer primary and secondary voltage.
  •     Inspect low voltage terminal block and wiring.
  •     Inspect low and high voltage wiring, insulation, terminals and connections.
  •      Inspect all safety switches.
  •    Verify proper control settings and operation.

  •      Inspect belts, belt tension, sheaves and verify proper alignment.
  •      Inspect air filters and replace as required and/or agreed.
  •       Lubricate motor bearing per manufacturer’s specifications.
  •      Lubricate fan bearings per manufacturer’s specifications.
  •      Inspect set screws on blower wheels.
  •      Verify proper evaporator motor operation.
  •      Check evaporator drain pan, drain line and external p-trap.
  •      Clean out external condensate p-trap.
  •      Verify proper condenser fan motor operation.
  •      Inspect condenser fan motor hub and fan blade.
  •      Inspect capacitor and verify microfarad readings.
  •      Inspect outdoor air intake hood and screens.
  •      Inspect barometric relief damper and verify operation.
  •      Verify proper economizer operation.
  •      Inspect and verify proper economizer exhaust fan operation.
  •      Inspect unit for signs of refrigerant oil spotting.
  •      Measure and record refrigerant circuit pressures.
  •      Measure and record refrigerant superheat and subcooling readings.
  •      Inspect crankcase heater and verify proper operation.
  •      Check oil level in compressor.
  •      Inspect oil equalizing line and fittings.
  •      Verify proper compressor unloader operation.
  •      Tighten all service valve stem packing nuts.
  •       Inspect gaskets/o-rings on all refrigerant access port caps.
  •       Inspect and verify proper Schrader valve operation.
  •       Inspect coils for blockage and cleanliness.
  •       Check heat exchanger for cracks, splits and rusting.
  •       Inspect burners and all associated gas piping.
  •       Inspect gas pressure regulator and vent piping.
  •       Measure and record gas pressure readings.
  •       Verify proper induced draft motor operation.
  •      Clean and inspect flame rod and safety flame sensor.
  •      Measure flame sensor signal.
  •       Measure and record supply and return air temperature.
  •     Verify access door mounting hardware integrity and latch operation.